SSD Vs HDD: Whats is Differences between?



The full form of SSD is Solid State Drive. It is not a hard disk,

But a drive that is

much faster than the

hard disk itself.
Currently, SSD is the most advanced storage device. It is much smaller and faster in appearance. SSD chip-based device with no mechanical device. It has various retention memory chips installed, and all the chips have an SSD to hold capacity. They have the power to provide information and data transfer.

Currently, such devices (SSDs) are used on high-quality desktops, laptops. SSD is an expensive device.


The hard disk drive is the full form of HDD. IBM was the first to discover Hard Disk Drive 1. The hard disk contains some spinning platter which rotates the plates very quickly. Data is stored using magnetism or magnetism. The plates have reads and rides through which the plates are readable. The plates of this hard disk rotate at the same speed as the plates rotate at higher speeds.

Below is a discussion of the differences between SSD and HDD.

is about 25 times faster Than a

hard drive,

which increases the website’s loading speed by manifold.

The heating is less than

the hard drive

and it is more reliable.
• Web site loading speed is very important for

the success of hosting companies and e-commerce merchants.
• SSD chip-based device that has no mechanical sound without sound.
• In addition,

SATA and SAS used

on SSD drives

spend 20% to 5% less electricity

than normal


So it spends

less energy controlling its temperature.

• Nearly 25 times slower and more likely to close

due to

moving pass than-


The hard drive is

hot and

sound and its reliability is very low.

• HDD consumes 20% – 5% more




So it costs more

to control

the temperature.

• The operating System booth takes 3-5 seconds and files read or write speed is 5-12 MB.

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