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Microsoft Word! We use Microsoft Word almost always for many useful and urgent,
business or personal tasks. Microsoft Word is used for many purposes,
from simple types to tuner designs, books, visiting cards, early drafts, etc.
Regardless of the type of PC you are using, Microsoft Wired will be able to
adapt to your PC.
Microsoft Word is quite easy to manage and the functions of this thread are much
easier and more widely used in the entire Microsoft Office application package.
And today I brought you 5 important and useful tips and tricks from Microsoft Word!
Hope today’s article will work for you and look good. So let’s go straight to the article.

1) Scientific Judgment!

Microsoft Word has the ability to test your type and grammar check.
Although grammar and spelling is for the English language only,
Microsoft Word has the ability to check the complexity of the writing of almost all languages.
Is your typing good for a tuition-graduate degree? Or you can check through the thread
to see if it is correct to send in a job application.

Microsoft has also added new feature Readability Statistics with grammar and spelling
in new versions of WordPress. Through this, several new tests in the ward,
such as the Flesch Reading Ease Test, have been added. It will test your typing wards,
sentence, and syllabary at 5 points. In this case, the higher the number of points you get, the more your typing will be considered readable. Typically, if you get points between 0 and 8, it will be considered readable.
If you want to activate these options,
go to Options> Proofing and check whether Check Grammar with Spelling and
Show Readability Statistics are checked in both of these options.
When done, a small box will appear in front of you with all your results every time you check Spelling and Grammar. That’s a lot of work!

2) Highlight specific areas.
I can’t say how much it will help us in our work life but it is one of the most wonderful and fun tricks! Can you see the red in the middle of a paragraph in the picture above? Can you give it to Microsoft Word?
Generally, it is very costly and time-consuming, but in a simple way, you can perform the task quite efficiently. For this, you need to hold down the Alt key and click on the specific text of your mouse.
Now the selected threads will be highlighted.

3) Adding a calculator.
Many times you need to have useful math while working in Microsoft Word.
And that’s why you need to get the help of a calculator. But your office work is
so stressful that you can’t get a physical calculator.
For this, go to Options> Quick Access Toolbar in the window and from there,
switch to All Commands option and from there add the Calculate Command to the Quick Access
Toolbar. From now on, a gray scale non-script will be launched in the window of the yard.
Now, by selecting an equation in your Word document and clicking on that gray scale circle,
you will find the solution for the calculator under your window. In many cases,
this method will work well.

4) One-Click sentence selection.
This method is quite useful and useful for those who have a lot of word processing.
To select a sentence, we have to use the mouse or the Shift key but you can select the entire sentence in just one click. By pressing the Ctrl key and clicking on any word in your sentence,
you will see that the entire sentence is selected. This way you can save both time and labor.

5) Editing reviews!
Editing is required after completing a document. And after closing the document and restarting it,
it is very difficult to find where you are editing if the document is large and if the editing is done extensively.
But pressing the Shift F5 button will move the cursor to any number of edits you have made.
This method will work well for many. If you do not know these tips before, you can try it now.

6) Date and time auto-updates!
Sometimes you may have to type a lot of correspondence. And you have to change the date and time to send the
same correspondence to many. Which is a lot of boring? However, you can do this automatically.
For this, click on the Date & Time button under the Insert tab. A pop-up window will appear. From here,
Click on the date format of your choice and check to see if the update alert box is checked.
From then on, every time a document is launched, the date and time will be updated automatically.

7)Built-in converter.
You will also find a built-in converter in the latest versions of Microsoft Word.
In general, it will not be noticeable to everyone as it is most commonly provided in the ward.
Suppose you want to save your document in PDF or HTML format. Earlier, a third-party software or internet site had to be used to do this work.

8) Easily change capitalization.
When typing any text in a document in the document, you can easily select the uppercase or lowercase letters by pressing Shift or the Caps Lock button. But if a document has been completely written,
what to do if a line needs to be converted into capital letters?
Therefore, first, select the specific letter or line. Now go to the Home tab and click on the
Aa pull-down menu. Here you will find options like UPPERCASE, Sentence case, lower case and tOGGLE cASE!
9) Hidden character.
If you’ve been working on a complex document that has all sorts of lines,
styles, columns, and formats, you may find it strange. Such as missing a line or having extra space in a character.
To analyze this situation correctly, you can visualize all invisible marks (hard returns,
soft returns, tabs, spaces). For this, you need to press Ctrl Shift 8. In the same way, you can make them invisible again.

10) Upgraded Replacements
You will be aware of the replacement system of Microsoft Word. You can use it to change any word or word in the document.
But in the new version of Orad, you will receive a critical upgrade of this replacement system.
Now you can replace hidden characters in Word as in previous tips. Again,
you can also replace the double spaces in the paragraphs. Click on the special drop-down menu at the bottom of Find and Replace.

11) Replace the style and formatting.
You can change the style and formatting of different types with the replacement function of the thread.
For example, the green color of a document can be changed to red. For this,
click on Find What box and go to the Format menu and select Font color and go to Replace with and click on the red color. This is quite a job!
So this was all today’s event.

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