how to earn money from home without any investment -16 free ways.

If you are looking to make money online and have no capital? Don’t worry. This article provides 16 ways to make money online, some of which require no extra fees except Internet connection. I hope you received a gift from your father as a child!

It is very difficult to make a living as a newbie blogger, especially if you do not have a day job or have to resign to spend all your time producing content. Blogging needs time, patience, determination, order, strategy, and good writing abilities. When you’re setting up a website to make money (let’s be realistic! Most people design a professional site for free and without having to work in difficult conditions) and want to make a lot of money this way, in order to pay your bills and spend a bunch of time, you have to always try to make some money.

Here are some ways that you can make a reasonable income, depending on the time you spend and the effort you put into it.

However, most of these methods work much better if you own a professional website. If you do not have a website, there is no worry. You can take advantage of free good site consulting and answer all your questions.

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 How To Make Money From The Internet?

To be honest, there are hundreds of ways to do this. Techniques such as Google AdSense monetization, clickable monetization, telegram monetization. And when you search online for this, you will find many legitimate and unauthorized sources. I strongly advise you to stay away from programs that initially require you to invest early so that you can use their income plan. For example, they ask you to fill out a form or click on ads and the like.

Here is a list of simple ways that internet users can make money and use them to make money online. In some of these ways, you need to have skills such as good communication, good writing skills, and the like. Now it’s time to mention this list:

1. Article Writing Services

Every website designer and blogger is always looking for new and unique content for their blogs and websites. Forums can be a good place to start, although they are full of scammers and thieves, forums can still make a decent living by writing articles. You can earn up to several thousand tomans on the basis of the quality of each article. You will also be guided when agreeing on the quality of articles, the number of words, and more.

2. Writing analytics about websites and publishing paid content

If your website already has decent traffic, you can consider sponsoring it and writing a little about your sponsor. This is also true for people who have a YouTube channel. For youtube channels, you can get some support offers by joining some brands for free. For example, you can read Harsh Agrawal’s ” How to Use Famebit for Money “. Remember to check only top products, businesses, and websites. If you use Blogger or WordPress hosting, you will make money online without the need to invest.

3. Write a guest post for clients

You can also make money from the Internet using this method. Posting a guest post has many benefits such as getting traffic, credibility and being recognized by search engines. Just imagine how much money you can make if you can post guest posts according to site rules. Your customers will definitely pay a lot for this. Of course, I think it’s not wise to create quality content for others. This is too valuable. But if you really need the money, be sure to try this method

4- Affiliate marketing or sales collaboration

This type of marketing is the best way for people to make money online. This requires no investment, and you can make money online using your website or even by expanding your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Here is the best guide for beginners looking to start affiliate marketing. I know many bloggers who make a lot of money by sitting at home and using affiliate marketing. Here, the subject can see that someone like me and you will earn income through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means the relationship between the proprietor – author – customer in which you (ie, the website owner) act as the author, and you publish the ad provided by the owner for your subscribers to see and Redirect to the product that clicks on the link.

Now if one of your subscribers buys that product by clicking on the link on your website, you will also receive a commission for selling it. It is highly recommended to promote products that you have personally used or are sure your subscribers will be satisfied with.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, visit the following sites and promote their products.




When choosing the product you want to advertise, you can get tools like PostAffiliatePro to help manage your links. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

5. Website registration services

Most bloggers do not know which websites allow comments to be automatically approved. It has to be said that there are thousands of websites and blogs that have this feature (comments that are automatically approved). Research the Internet, make a large list, and use the commenting service for other websites. Or just offer that list for sale. You can also list websites that have do-follow links in the comments section , websites that have enabled the Luv Comment Plugin, websites that have enabled the Top Comment Plug-in, and so on. Sell. It is a pleasure for an SEO expert to pay for this list. You can use forums to sell these lists.

6. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the oldest and probably the largest ad networks available. Google AdSense allows you to publish ads related to the content of your website and pays you through the CPC method.

The CPC method stands for Cost-Per-Click. That is, based on the number of clicks you get per ad. The amount of revenue depends on the author or site administrator. This is also one of the easiest ways to monetize the Internet because Google AdSense has a high payout rate and webmasters receive a 68% share.

No minimal traffic is needed and the revenue is very high, but there are some Google AdSense publishing rules and conditions that you need to keep in mind before using this method. If you do not comply with these terms or conditions or cannot use AdSense for any reason, consider the following sites:



7- Product Review

 As the name implies, product reviews mean writing detailed product reviews and posting them on your site. It is recommended that you only review products that are relevant to your website. For example, if your site is about beauty, just write about beauty products.

At a site related to beauty aids, advertising a new dishwasher doesn’t hurt. It is true? If your ads are reasonable, it means that more people will buy that particular product through your site. There is no need to be reminded that you will receive a commission for each product you sell.

The commission rate is set by the advertiser. You can review the products through the same email that was sent by the manufacturer (ie a ready and ready review) but it is strongly recommended that you only review the products you have personally use

8. Produce and sell your own products

A person can have a lot of fun and if you also have creative hobbies like painting, calligraphy, etc. then wouldn’t it be better to sell them through your site? You can create a separate section of your website and name it whatever you want.

If your website has a lot of visitors daily, then you can turn your hobby into a full-time business. If you are familiar with programming, you can write software and let people download it and pay for it. You can design t-shirts with your website logo on them and put them up for sale at your online store.

You can create a great business just by using creativity, leisure, and a website.

9. Write an e-book

Writing an e-book is very popular nowadays so how do you try your luck? You can write an e-book on any topic you can think of. The subject can range from anything that comes to your mind to renovating and repairing your home.

You can even assemble your previous websites and convert them to a pdf and upload it to your site. Design covers for your ebooks using sites like Canva. Find a good price for it and upload it to your websites.

Another option  is published in Amazon Kindle store. anyone can publish an eBook and make money.

This will be noticed by subscribers and people interested in buying books.

10- Providing services

Just like selling your own products, you can sell services as well. The services mean that you can fix a problem online with your specialist depending on your expertise.

Publishing your services on the site not only increases your audience but also helps you make a reasonable income. You create a separate section on your site to explain all the things you can do to help people. You can design a professional site for others and get paid for it.

You may be skilled at graphic design and can design ads for others. You can convert the book into audio files. Well there are many services that you can sell. You can get people to call you about the job they want to be

11. Make money on YouTube.

Individuals who love the highlight and have other online hustles ought to consider making their very own YouTube channel. In case you’re intrigued — and fascinating — you can utilize the stage to showcase partner items, sell items you make yourself, or get advertisement income for your casual instructional exercises or engaging recordings. When you get the show on the road, YouTube offers an accomplice program that can assist you with adapting your business further.

12. Become a remote helper.

Become a remote helper. Remote helpers play out a wide scope of administrations for their customers, which can all be finished on the web. Contingent upon the day, they may open and answer to messages, plan online work or blog entries, review mock letters and proposition, or perform information section. You can search for menial helper employments on destinations like and

13.Work as an online interpreter or translator.

online interpreter is  most demanding job in online . many company hire language can work and earn at your home .just register and apply for job . Online translation is one of the best job Now.

Highest Paying Language:

English to Chinese,

English to Japanese,

English to Danish,

English to Arabic,

14.Work remotely for a call center.

Many Company looking for some kind of employment in this field is a simple method to procure some cash from home. Many locales list employment opportunities for call-focus delegates, including and

15.  Rent a car

If you have a can rent your car like , and let you lease your vehicle for an every day – or even hourly – rate.

16. Teaching English online

You are a good in English then you can tech English

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